Reflexology can encourage regulation of your menstrual cycle, relieve anxiety, reduce stress hormones and encourage relaxation. It works on a physical and emotional level and encourages  your body's own natural healing abilities. It also assists in the elimination of toxins and allows your body systems to function effectively.


Reflexology can also support those undergoing assisted conception procedures. Regular sessions can help you stay calm and positive through the emotional ups and downs. Reduction in stress may help with the success of medical intervention. Reflexology can also help with emotional imbalances.


Reduction in anxiety and improved health has a positive impact on the hormonal system. It can also give you a feeling of deep relaxation, release tension and improve the quality of sleep.









During pregnancy you may suffer from many different symptoms which could benefit from Reflexology such as; nausea, spine, hip and pelvic pains, sciatica, muscle and joint pains, sore feet, emotional issues, constipation, fatigue, heartburn, insomnia and anxiety.


Reflexology can also prepare your body for labour, assist in initiating labour (if you are overdue) and with agreement from your medical team, be used during labour to help relieve anxiety, provide some pain relief and to shorten the duration of labour.

Post Natal


Our bodies go through  huge physical and emotional changes during 9 months+ of pregnancy, labour and birth.


After the birth Reflexology can help rebalance your hormones, encourage your menstrual cycle to return to normal, lift your  mood and assist  your body to heal itself. It can also help reduce back and joint pains, constipation and insomnia. It can help with emotional problems, low energy, relieve anxiety and encourage relaxation.