Reflexology is a holistic therapy that encourages your own body to heal itself. It is a non intrusive complementary health therapy that is suitable for all ages.


It is based on the belief that we have reflex points on our feet and hands that corresponds to all parts of our body. 


Reflexology helps the body restore its balance naturally and stimulates the body's own healing processes.


You should always consult your GP first about any health concerns you may have.







After a treatment you may:


* sleep better

* feel relaxed

* have improved mood  

* improved sense of wellbeing

* feel your tension reduced


Reflexology may be helpful for:


*Joint pain

*Back pain

*Sleep disorders

*Digestive disorders

*Post and pre natal

*Sports injuries

*Stress related conditions



The oldest documentation of Reflexology is that of a pictograph from the tomb of a prominent Egyptian physician, Ankhmahor, (2500-2330 BC) at Saqqara, near Cairo.










It's not surprising that after a Reflexology session your feet feel amazing and you feel like you are 'floating on air', as each foot contains:


7000 nerve endings

100+ muscles, tendons

          and ligaments

33 joints

26 bones


Think about all that we put our feet through and the little attention we pay to them -